FENN KAYAKS (New Zealand)                                                 Last webpage update: 22 October 2019



Fenn factory fire update: The factory rebuild is progressing well. New plugs and moulds have been made, and production is currently at 2 skis per day. Unfortunately that’s not even enough for the local market, and the next NZ container will only get here around April next year. Until then the only new Fenns available in NZ will be those shown on the Skis in stock page.



Tuesday night races have started again.

In a NE we start paddling out at 6:00, otherwise the start is off the beach at 6:00.


Details and results are here.


Training sessions at Takapuna beach.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:40.

Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:00.


Fenn surfskis





Skis in stock






Rudder replacement


Spares and repairs


Second hand skis


Speed comparison



Speed vs weight


Fenn distributors worldwide


Contact details:     

Oskar Stielau           

Mobile: 021 215 8327

Email: oskar@fennkayaks.co.nz


Warehouse address:

42 Ellice Road


North Shore


Here’s a Map of how to get there.










Paddling pants and booties




The new Fenn Bonito, Surge and F1 are now in stock.